Feel free to skip to the "What We Need" portion of this article for the instructions on how to join our network.

We want to thank you for your interest in the Rebellious network of collaboratives. This application does not guarantee talent showcasing on our website, but we are always actively seeking unique and amazing talent to showcase through our talent network.

Maybe you need a web designer, or a friend of yours needs a singer? We promise to always search for the BEST and make their services available to you and we want YOUto be apart of our launching network of talent. The goal is to create a "one-stop shop" catalogue, gaining your talent access to our clientele and creating a network of collaboration opportunities for you! If you know anyone who you feel would be a perfect fit for our talent network, please let us know!


Who We Are

Rebellious Records is a budding media company with our own label and publishing subsidiaries. We focus on the development, production, promotion, distribution, marketing, publishing and copyright enforcement of media from artists of all creeds. 

Our mission is to provide an outlet for creatives and a platform that motivates collaboration and networking. We yearn to create art that means something. To create art with intent. To create art with purpose. To create art that provides voices for the voiceless. Art that understands its responsibility to its consumer.

Rebellious strives to be an inspiration for individuals who feel lost, unmotivated or unimportant. People who feel their environments are holding them back. People who want to turn stagnancy into progress. Individuals who are ready to break free from their limitations and rebel. Individuals who are ready to BE LEGENDARY.

Our Talent Network

What We Need

So, what do we need from you and how do we start this process? It's easy, we just need you to tell us a little about yourself and what you're passionate about. We will publish this information for your fan base.

1.) Give us a short Bio about you! A Bio is optional. Provide your own Bio or answer the questions below and we will provide a mock bio just for you.
  • -What is your name? What do you like to be called? (Do you have an artist name or tag? ex: SpacexGhost or @Complex Artist)
  • -What is your passion/art?
  • -When did you start pursuing/working on your passion?
  • -How long have you been working at your passion?
  • -What inspires/drives/motivates you to pursue your passion?
  • -What’s your biggest accomplishment as an artist?
  • -What problems do you face as an artist?
  • -Do you work with a group to create your art?
  • -Who is your audience and what do you provide to your audience?
  • -How can we contact you? (Please provide email and all social handles).

2.) Provide us with your brand photo! This can be a logo, a picture of yourself or any picture you feels represents you.

3.) Provide us with 3-6 additional photos of yourself so that we can show consumers who you are. These photos can be of you in your element or everyday photos you'd want to share.

4.) Please provide us with links to your art online, if possible (Do you have an online store, showcase or portfolio? A soundcloud or Youtube Channel?) OR provide us with photos of your artwork (if files are too large, please use WETRANSFER to send large files to contact@Rebelliousrecordsent.com)


That's it, you're all set!

Return this information to contact@Rebelliousrecordsent.com and if you're accepted, we will get back to you within 48 hours! All accepted applicants will recieve a welcome email and a design template for their information page on Rebellious. By sending an application to the email above, you authorize Rebellious Records the right to showcase your name, logo, work and likeness on our website.

Good luck and we can't wait to welcome you!

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